Zoe Lacey-Cooper

Thoughts on 2017 & beyond

Written by Zoe Lacey-Cooper, event director of Accountex: The MTD deferment was by far the biggest news to hit the profession and to be honest it was not a surprise! The practitioners now have some tangible time to ensure that technology and processes are in place to ensure that their clients are up to speed. […]

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2017 roundup: Key takeaways of the year so far

2017 roundup: Key takeaways of the year

We asked a selection of our speakers and exhibitors to share their highlights of 2017.  From news stories that caught their eye to the latest trends and tech that’ll be shaping things to come – here’s their key takeaways from the last twelve months. (more…)

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BrightPay - Your client has missed their duties start date

Your client has missed their duties start date: What do you do now?

Written by Cailin Reilly, BrightPay Payroll Software: From October this year, new employers did not receive a ‘staging date’ from The Pensions Regulator(TPR). Instead, their automatic enrolment(AE) duties started on their ‘duties start date’. This date is easy to pinpoint as it is the date your client’s first employee started employment. If a client falls […]

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Five ways budget holder management can unify departments

Five ways budget holder management can unify departments

Written by Zaynab Bostan, Compleat Software: Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you reading this find your business has a fragmented purchase to pay process? Whether big or small, start-up or well established, you don’t have to look far to find many companies still struggle with some of the key financial processes. […]

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BrightPay UK Auto Enrolment is changing - Don't get left behind

Auto Enrolment is changing – don’t get left behind

Written by Karen Bennett, BrightPay Payroll Software: Worryingly, according to research conducted by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), 49%, almost half of accountants asked did not know that new employers would have AE duties. Many of your new employer clients will need help when it comes to AE. Auto enrolment has well and truly evolved since […]

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BrightPay - New businesses have instant pension duties

New businesses have instant pension duties

Written by Holly McHugh, BrightPay Payroll Software: From 1 October 2017, all start-up businesses have a legal duty to place staff into a workplace pension as soon as they commence employment. Providing a workplace pension is just part of running a business. The instant pension duties correspond with the fifth anniversary of automatic enrolment. Statistics show […]

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21st Century Accountants: Which One Are You?

21st Century Accountants: Which one are you?

Written by Andy Bailey, Octopus Blue: It has been well documented that the accounting profession is in a state of transition.  Moving from backwards looking, historic number crunchers, billing for time spent rather than value added, to real-time, cloud first, automated services.  Realising tangible benefits to their clients by offering valuable business advice. Tech savvy millennials […]

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Compleat Software - Why cash flow is king to growing businesses

Why cash flow is king to growing businesses

Written by James Vear, Compleat Software: To growing businesses, there are hundreds of headaches that come up every month. However, if you ask around, every one of them will tell you that the thing above these headaches that keeps them up at night is cash flow. How do we make more sales? Can I get better pricing […]

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BrightPay - An Automatic Enrolment Update

An Automatic Enrolment Update

Written by BrightPay UK: An impressive eight million plus employees have been enrolled into a workplace pension since auto enrolment came into effect 5 years ago. This means that these employees are now starting to save towards their retirement. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) reports that as of the end of June, 8,165,000 workers were saving for […]

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