Tony Margaritelli, chairman of the ICPA, recommends why others should attend Accountex. 

The ICPA have been exhibiting at Accountex since it’s inception and I’m often asked if we weren’t exhibiting would I as an accountant running my own practice take a day out to attend?

My answer often surprises many because I say that as an accountant running a busy practice not only would I take a day out of my schedule to attend but actually I would attend both days.

Accountex only comes round once a year and at no other venue will there be such a wealth of presenting talent and experience all looking to give of their best, covering all the current major topics of the day, as well as some very specialist sectors of our profession.

This year undoubtedly for me as a practising accountant is that the arrival of the Accountants In Practice theatre is a recognition of the work we do, and that we need presentations tailored specifically for us.

You could fill both days simply by attending presentations, but that whilst worthy, would be to miss out on visiting the exhibitors throughout the hall.

Here in one place there is everything that a practitioner could ever want for their practice.

From software in all manner of shapes sizes and costs to CPE provision, technical support and updates.  Publications, both physical and online, and all manner of institutes and organisations. Each and every one of them anxious to answer questions and demonstrate their wares.

Now we all know that taxation in all its varieties is constantly changing and we have to invest some of our time in keeping up to date but the world of Tech is changing, if anything even faster, and whilst we read as much as we can, nothing can replace actually seeing first hand just what current Tech can deliver.

The thrill of coming across a piece of software or an App or a new way of working that you have never seen before, or only in pictures, gives you a great buzz, and being able to ask questions and evaluate if it will be of use in your practice is an added bonus.

The ICPA present every year, I’m at our stand as much as possible but I always make the time to go around because as I say Accountex only comes round once a year.

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Tony Margaritelli is Chairman of the ICPA and as well as continuing to practice in Essex where he has for over 20 years. His day to day work as a practitioner coupled with his direct involvement with the 1,000 plus ICPA membership gives him a unique insight to the real world of being in practice in 2017.

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