Adrian Sproston Sage

Q&A with Adrian Sproston

Our final speaker Q&A for 2018 features Adrian Sproston, director — accountant division at Sage.  In his opening day Keynote session, he’ll be joined by Michael Office, Sam Carter and Martin Tregonning to discuss how to ‘Be Ready for Making Tax Digital with Sage’. (more…)

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Kath Haines CABA

Q&A with Kath Haines

Our next Q&A features Kath Haines, Chief Executive of CABA — the charity that supports the well-being of the chartered accountancy community. She’ll be appearing in an exclusive Keynote panel session discussing the key challenges facing women in finance. (more…)

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Richard Bearman, HSBC Bank

Q&A with Richard Bearman

Next up in our speaker Q&A series is Richard Bearman, head of small business UK at HSBC Bank, who’ll be discussing the ‘Future of Banking’ at the show.  He and his team are responsible for 650,000 small trading businesses and a further 200,000 entities, including charities, clubs and societies. He’s worked at HSBC in the […]

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Amanda Chadwick, Croner

Q&A with Amanda Chadwick

Our next Q&A features Amanda Chadwick, senior presenter at Croner.  For over twenty five years, she’s helped tens of thousands of business owners with everyday issues in employment law and health and safety law.  In her opening day Keynote, she’ll be discussing some of the recent legislation changes that businesses need to be aware of […]

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Rebecca Benneyworth MBE

Q&A with Rebecca Benneyworth MBE

Next up in our Q&A series is tax specialist Rebecca Benneyworth MBE, an ICAEW chartered accountant and chair of the Digital Advisory Group advising HMRC on making tax digital.  In her Keynote at the show, she’ll be outlining ‘Making Tax Digital work for you’, including how to start converting clients to digital recordkeeping, plans for the VAT […]

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Alan Woods

Q&A with Alan Woods

Multi-award winning practice owner Alan Woods, MD of Woods Squared and implementation manager for Panalitix in the UK, is another new speaker for 2018.  He’ll be giving his take on choosing the right App-stacks and add-ons for your business, and how to make them really deliver.   (more…)

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Steven Cox IRIS

Q&A with Steven Cox

Next up in our speaker Q&A series is Steve Cox, a technologist and accountant who looks at how technology can simplify the modern accounting world.  Currently Chief Evangelist for IRIS Group, Steve has worked closely with customers, software companies and the government and is championing the digital transformation of UK SMEs and accountants. (more…)

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Neil Robertson Compleat Software

Q&A with Neil Robertson

Compleat Software, headed up by CEO Neil Robertson, is the new sponsor of Accountex’s Keynote Theatres for 2018.  Neil will be hosting three sessions at the show — focusing on the fundamental changes in the role of finance within business (including accounts payable, best practices for CFOs, and AI and machine learning).  (more…)

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Alex Weddell

Q&A with Alex Weddell

Next up in our new speaker Q&A series is Alex Weddell, founder and director of Next Gen Bookkeepers.  He’s on a mission to find accountants in practice who don’t just recognise that the world is changing because of technology and MTD, but are positively petrified about it!    (more…)

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3 Must Know SMB Metrics to Measure for KPI Success

3 must know SMB metrics to measure for KPI success

Written by Amy Harris, co-founder of FUTRLI: True advisors will win more business today than their compliance counterparts, but they will absolutely dominate in the future. When you can tell a business owner more about their company than they already know, you instantly open their eyes to a different future and remove the question mark over […]

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